Digital Collages
36” x 48” or 40" x 60"

Using fantasy landscape imagery as a launch pad I customize a classic American mode of working class transportation, the pick up truck, for its final use as customizable escape transport from our constantly threatened landscape.

America’s history of individual ingenuity is for naught if we don’t harness it for the greater good. We are under constant threat of annihilation through our own misdeeds as well as the natural seismic events that befall us. Our self inflicted oil spills and climate damaging lifestyles compete with natural disasters of ever-growing proportions, including as I type this, a pandemic. By staying within the rich history of fantasy landscape imagery for this series I am able to make such end of the world scenarios more engaging for the viewer. Everyday news has the job of presenting the unvarnished truth of our current time. I am still a believer in the power of redemptive art and offer the emotional distance of a fantastical genre as a balm, no matter how terrifying the subject matter.